Sunday, January 18, 2009

>>STPM<< going back to school..!?arggg~

_15th Mei 2008_

Today is a forth day, I becomes a form six student at SMK Ahmad Boestamam..>>argghhh..No!!!,i am going back to school again!!<<------shiT!!....Although it was bored,but I learned some new things about invirement,life and style at there..ahaa...somethings new....emmm...litter bite that I know about form six are,we study at there for 2 was not long...but actually it just 1 year half only....mybe many student out there scared to study in form six....right??hakhak...I'm also "in the same boat"...>>----first time,I heard about it,I was worried that I can't follow the surlivers...~aaa.....I start thing a bad things that will happened for me....oh no!!! help me<<<---- I become a sour grapes and wants to go to a private college...(Stupid!! o_O) I looks like "between the devil and the deep sea",that can't choose the best choice for my life...waa~...but when I think for the while,I think form six have many advantages to be sucsess in my life...Furthermore, form six was just leave one step only to enter the University..Can you imagines that, I just take one half of year or 15 months only and it was so short when to compare with my other friends that take 3 years to finish their diploma...~weee!! I win... XD>>---Unable to believe one's eye...yeppee!!!Besides that,the cost was low and affordable for students and their parents..
Finally,I hope it was the best deciding point that makes or breaks my future and carear, so that I take the challenge !!!?all the best...<.<