Thursday, February 12, 2009

peace+lOve+hOpe+trUst+belieVe >.<


it's me...^^

"adik!!wake up!!! u know what time now??it's 6.15 am...WAKE UP!!!!~agrhh...U will late to go to hurry up!!">>-- this was a 'sWeet sound' that i have hear every morning in school day...<<---- still early lor...eventhought,today is Sunday right?? I want to sleep again..''ZzZzzZzz...
Today is Monday...Wake up!!you wiil late...~aaa...WHat?? Monday??Owh noO!!!I will late.. O_o..... It is me!!My name Syafiqkah Najwa bt Izham..I'm 19 years old on 3rd January 1990.ehe...(so early right??hurmm..)Love,'3's P'=Pink+purple+Pray<<---I'm da one and only pInCkY,so dun pretend to be one cuz i'm da original babe!!..moeheehe..Half crzY,half nerd.reality check!i'm juz an ordinary gurl..Likes reading and play PSP...and become crZy girl when i always play it..ehe3..Now, i'm going back to school again...and become the STPM's student..This was my last year,and I must to 'study smart not study hard'!! get the excellent resurt in my STPM.So to get the best result my answer must me!!~ngee..Always happy in my life now and wants my friends will happy too..
(If you ask me something,i will say the lie..)^_^