Tuesday, February 10, 2009


ahaa...what your first thinking when see this pic??ehe...that you think that this guy is my boyfriend??right?? ~ngee...ahaa...nope!! this is my lovely brother..his name is Mohd Syafiq bin Izham..<<---near with my name " Syafiq + kah = Syafiqkah??...kah3... O_o (crazy right..)but it're the combination by 2 name..and easy to remember... ~ngee.. >.<
He is 21 years old and today is her birthday, "10th February"..<<----epy birthday gediXx!!! muahaaha..He was a good brother for me...and my family...(~cehh...wuiik..)
He was born at Hospital Besar Taiping,Perak..He likes to play games and buy the any gadget in their computer..(i don't like this!!)
This thursday,12th February 2009..he fly to Australia,to continued his bachelor study at 'Monash University' in course Physic...(i low this subject,~agaga..but it was quite interesting)..He go there for four years..<<---~waaa.. (T_T)
I hope he will always success in their study and can support my family...(insyaAllah..may god bless it)
~ love him so much!! ~daamn...
~ good luck!!~

_waWa- ^_^


  1. waa..nk jd kak ipa leh?
    sbb nk dok kt australia...
    nganganga.. gatal tahap cipan..

  2. Ain>>---jdi akak ipar?! oH no!!~ngaga..
    so wawa kne pnggil ain akak ar...