Friday, February 13, 2009


I seem to make new friends at each new phase of my life.I think everyone goes through this, pincking up friends as they go through life.My philosophy in choosing friends is to always surround myself with people who make me a better person and those who love me.If there are people who antagonize or make me feel bad,I will simply stay away from them..FULL STOP!!~agaga..
Now I found my ideal friend,that knows the song in my heart and can sing it back to me when i hve forgotten the words.She is 'The best friend in th word!!'and never to lose him..ehe.. >.< Priya is her name,but at school everyone call her 'Beckam'...ahaha...(funny right??just believe it)it because she was fernatic with football games..Everthing for her was football.She is 18 years old and become 19's on 11th March this year..Same age with me..~ngeee..She is indian girl and big taller than I..>>---~waaa..I'm so shot...(T_T)I Can't believe it that ,we can be the bestfriend even if we had the different religions.When we child,we not close together,and started close with her since i'm form 4..That time,we in the same class.She are funny+caring+kind and active girl in the school..Everyone likes to friend with her because her attitude..Lastly,I hope our friendship will forever untill the end~ Now she study at UNIMAP,Perlis..mybe we are far from each other,our memories that I share with her I can't forget it untill the end of my life..Love+miss her so mucH..!!


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